Easy Binge

Boy has January flown by!… I have been cooped up at home for almost the entire month working hard towards paving my way to a better future – which at this point is getting into university, which I will be seeking out this month.

After a terrific week wandering in the mountains of Taiwan over New Year’s, I got home and decided to get off social media and take up status of a hermit to better my work ethic, force myself into a conducive work environment, and finally practice that muscle called ‘discipline’ that I hadn’t had control of for awhile since I left the army.

Being a millennial, I obviously still needed some time off from endless working and studying which meant YouTube videos or bingeing on a new series. I am at this point in my life done with click-bait, so I said goodbye to YouTube and picked up a new TV series. Crashing, a new comedy series from the UK – which fortunately for my other muscle I have little authority over called self-control; has only 6 episodes. It is hilarious, and will only take up 2.5 hours of your life – so why not? Here is the trailer:

Some thought…

Bear with me as I now segue into a heavier topic of choice for this post. If you have not watched this video that went viral in December in which Simon Sinek (an author and motivational speaker) elaborated on the “millennial question”, as he calls it, I have attached it below.

I found it to be a video very much worth watching, and reflecting on, especially if you fall into the millennial generation. I can’t say that all the points raised by Simon are a good representation of millennials from all over the world, however, most of them resonated with me – a millennial living in a cosmopolitan city, exposed to a developed, fast-paced environment. I strongly encourage you to watch the video below and reflect; especially since you are already spending time surfing a blog…

Some Music for February

If you are a fan of good music, then John Mayer’s new EP will not disappoint. He has only released 4 songs at this time but has mentioned that he’s got a bank of songs already written than will not fit in a standard sized album – so I guess there will be more good music to look forward to soon. Here is wave one:

I will be spending the entire month of February in the States, giving me more reason to seek out new records to accompany my travels. I am planning to get caught up with watching Moana and La La Land before leaving after hearing good things about their respective soundtracks – but for now I have these few records lined up for February:

A timeless album of beautiful songs; Carole King’s Tapestry

Ryan Adams 1989 – if you love Taylor Swift, like I do, this record displays the songwriting genius that she is and how her lyrics transcend styles and genres – and if you’re not a fan of Ms. Swift… well, I would still have a listen to Ryan Adams killing it:

That’s all from me for February!

Let me leave you with a quote from the new POTUS, Donald Trump, who definitely knew what he was talking about when he said “Think big, kick ass” – it definitely paid off for him…

I will be (trying to) kick ass in America as I strive to turn my dreams into reality. Have a good month ahead and I wish you all the best in your endeavours!

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!


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