I have been back home for a few days after a splendid month spent touring New England. I haven’t had much time through February or the past week to look into new music and movies or start on a new TV series – though I have a list of ‘to-watch movies’ from this years Oscars.

I did discover some amazing new records that I spent some time with in February whether I was walking down the streets of NYC at 11pm or trudging through snow in Connecticut on walks in the park – these are some great tracks to take with you on walks.

If you aren’t into Musical Theatre, you might not have heard about Dear Evan Hansen – a new Broadway musical garnering tons of buzz from critics and theatre-goers. I was in line for a total of 210 minutes on 2 different occasions in NYC waiting in the cold for a ticket and didn’t get in at all… yah, not funny! And if you shy away the moment you hear Musical Theatre, don’t be too quick to judge – Dear Evan Hansen is a contemporary Musical Theatre piece. The music & lyrics, written by Pasek & Paul, now Academy Award winners for their lyrics to City of Stars from La La Land, have written a beautiful score that entered the Billboard 200 charts at #8. This album has been on repeat and I am still in love with it!


While spending much of my time surrounded by the wilderness in New England, I had Max Richter’s new music to accompany my peaceful walks.


Kari Jobe’s new album has been on repeat as well…


Okay, that’s all for now – I am off to watch Hidden Figures, Lion and Moonlight. Oh and get through these few songs as well…

Have a sweet month in March! 



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