Wander for Colour

Besides the fact that wander and color are rhyming words, increasing your rememberance of this beautiful blog; I have an actual reason for entitling my blog “Wander for Colour”.

Many of my amazing experiences, memorable moments, new friendships and life lessons have come about from stepping out of my comfort zone and wandering. Wander is defined as “to move about without a fixed course, aim, or goal” which I highly recommend especially if you are young (if you are old and would like to wander, it would be preferable if you are a cheap, or just rich).

Colours represent so much of life; moods, emotions, and sensations. Also, the great Taylor Swift once said “The rest of the world was black and white. But we were in screaming colour.” which perfectly describes how I aim to live life and spend time with the people I love.

Wander for Colour basically represents the attitude to constantly step out of one’s comfort zone to experience life in ways that might be new, dangerous, uncomfortable and scary but result in growth, happiness, love, vulnerability and a childlike sense of wonder.




In this blog, you will find:

  • updates of my travel adventures (mostly late updates; procrastination is a problem),
  • new music and art I am currently obsessed with (I am a show-off so procrastination does not apply here),
  • my occasional thoughts on life (when my friends ignore me and I turn to the internet for acceptance and validation),
  • and other boring stuff (that you should just read since you’re already wasting your life on some random dude’s blog where he’s decided to spend time typing out his thoughts and interests and then Googling his grammar to pass off as eloquent).





As you have seen from the amazing pictures on this blog:

I am Chinese.

I live in Singapore a.k.a the coolest country in the world.

I am a man. A young man.

I am not going to share my age because I am insecure about that shit even though they say “it’s just a number”. It’s not JUST a number! It is printed on every important document, jobs and memberships require it, it might get you a discount on food or activities… you get the point. I appear younger than I actually am (thank God for Asian genes).

I am however, not incredibly smart – though I’m very good at faking it, but I promise everything you find here is my work unless stated so.

Here are a few things I love that may or may not be covered in current and future blog posts: musical theatre, food, music, festivals, markets, plants, the sound of flowing water, backpacking, hiking, camping, the jungle, mountains, photography, libraries, museums, movie nights, red wine, late-night walks, rooftops, super-cool vibes, fairy lights, new paperback books, scented candles, pine cones, snail mail, the dessert spread at a buffet, and I should shut up now…


If you would like to contact me for any reason besides spewing hate, you will find the link to my Instagram profile on the right-hand side of this blog where you are invited to stalk me and appreciate the art that is on @greggsim before dropping me a message on this blog’s Connect page.